Link: Huge collection of mini-note reviews

Are you like many others who is thinking of buying a mini-note PC World has written an article for you where they go through 12 different ones.
They are the ones here:
1. HP 2133
2. Acer Aspire One
3. Asus Eee 900
4. Asus Eee 901
5. Asus Eee 1000H
6. Asus Eee 701
7. MSI Wind
8. Dell Inspiron Mini 9
9. Packard Bell Nebo
10. Samsung NC10
11. Lenovo S10.
12. Lenovo IdeaPad U110
Considering that many of those not on the list are actually clones of the MSI Wind, so I think it looks like a pretty good overview where they have almost all the netbook machines. It gives a complete picture of the market for the Asus Eee PC killers, so you can safely build on this list when you take your choice of mini note. Yet it is technology we’re talking about, and especially Asus sends the new Eee PCs on the street like dirt from a tiny calf, so the list is probably outdated in a few months …

here you find the rest of the articles…

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