Arkiv over December, 2010

MTP Data center sells Eee PC now?

MTP Data write on their website that they have the Asus Eee PC in stock now?! The same MID data center here. In contrary, Elgiganten and LinuxShop still have it on reservation. How the heck do that connect together? Wonder if the 2 previous mentioned has just thrown that on the website and then pretend […]

Update: Mid data sells Eee PC now?

I heard from Mid Data about their sale on Eee PC, which they already had put on the web last week – ready for sale immediately and shipped the same day as ordered. They confirmed first that they had a “good enough” Eee PC on stock, but sent so soon after a mail number 2, […]

So the Asus Eee PC released for sale

So the day has come that the Asus Eee PC was officially released for sale in Denmark. Linuxshop, who was the first to some out with pre-order of the Eee Pc, have it already sold out. But other palces, there are still Eee’s in stock – so it should be a tiny issue to get […]

Guide: Install Ubuntu on Eee PC

Ars Technica has a new How – to –Guide on installing Ubuntu on Eee PC. Ubuntu should be a little “easier” to manage than Windows Xp which can be heavy for a small machine. But why not just continue row un with Xandros? ( Asus Linux as preloaded on the Linux Eee PC’s) because some […]

New Eee PC clone: $ 99

There is now a new netbook/ ultra-portable market for the low price of $ 99! With exchange rates this amount to a price of just Dkk 469.51. There will be cargo charges, VAT and any duty It’s called J-pro Mini Laptop JL7100. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and all can fear that it […]

Extreme expansion of the Eee PC

Asus Eee PC is indeed known for being a little ultra portable machine. You would perhaps think that it is impossible or difficult to fit more in the small box than they already have stuffed in there. But in its usual style shows Internet grassroots a surprise and Eee PC will be rebuilt and enlarges […]

Eee PC guides updated

I have collected a list over the Eee PC- guides, which i think sounds very interesting- and maybe will try it in time. The list is constantly updated, if I should stumble upon something really interesting. See the list here

New Models on the way: Eee PC 903, 904 and 905

Rumors of new Eee PCs with bigger keyboard: Asus is out again with the new machine so quickly that is impossible to follow. Maybe they are trying to saturate the competitors so they have a harder time getting a foot in the ground? The existing model and “ up coming models” includes the 700/701 (4G/8G) […]

Future for Eee PC: Ultimate and PRO Fashion models on its way

Asus has revealed a little about the future of their Eee PC model range. As you know the series is a little crowded already with its approximately 11 different models, but before the is year is over, Asus expect Eee PC series will have approximately 23 different models! The models are designed to target different […]

LG on the road with the Eee PC competitor

The first report that LG is also launching with an Eee PC competitor now fills online. Their Eee “wannabe killer” called LG X110and expected to be on the market by October. There will be a machine with an 9 inch screen. Intel Atom CPU, 120 GB HD and 2 GB of RAM – that is […]