Asus drops Linux on Eee PC

Since Asus has launched its Eee PC with Linux there hasn’t been any happy reviews given. This should be the catalyst that has brought Linux to the people and thereby again generating some competition in the market for OS. Other netbook followed with plans on having Linux operating system, such as Acer Aspire One. The case is the one that so far it has only been 30% of all netbooks that were with Linux, but the other 70% netbooks are sold with Windows XP, ( there are few netbooks that is sold with Vista for example HP, but this is a minority.)

Asus Eee PC 901

The minor set back on sales has led Asus to totally dropped selling machines with Linux. It is the logistics with its many different models must then be found in 2 OS variants that are the problem. Asus believes that it’s simply not worth it.

My personal opinion is that it’s such a shame that Linux is now cut completely away from Asus side. But I can easily understand them , Asus has certainly got a damn good offer from Microsoft as soon as they started to see Netbook Linux distribution as a threat. I can also easily understand the buyers side, my upcoming netbook will definitely also be Windows. Simply because I have a lot of small programs  that I can use on it and everything is just easier.

The idea that Linux can take advantage of the scaled down resources much better than Windows, I still find it really good, but with Asus out of the market, Acer primary plays as the Linux dealer for netbooks, but with a lousy strategy the Acer Aspire One’s netbook sold with Linux is scaled down compared to XP versions for example with 512 MB of RAM instead of 1 GB and then the whole things done.


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