Acer Aspire One will be sold in the middle of September

So there’s news about the Danish will launch Acer’s clone

Acer Aspire One sælges fra midt i semptember acer aspire one

of the competitor’s Asus Eee PC :

Acer’s model is called the Acer Aspire One, and although I haven’t run into the official launching date from Acer, everything indicates that the Acer One will come to the market in mid- September. Otherwise Fona has a launching date on their website.

Acer Aspire One has received a lot of positive reviews around the world and the price also seems t be very competitive, so it must be a machine that is top of the other netbooks.

Fona sell Acer’s Eee-clone in colors white and blue with:

This post is also available in: Danish

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