Asus Launches Eee Stick: Wii games for Eee PC

Asustek alunches an external wireless controller that will beAsus lancerer Eee stick: Wii spil til Eee PCen eee stick 350x230 sold in sets of supported games with selected models of the Eee Box or ultra- portable Eee PC, just as the wireless controller for Nintendo’s Wii, Asus Eee Stick as a “Motion Detector”, it means that you just don’t  get to press buttons to be registered, but also (primarily) the movements you make with your hands.

Asus personally believe that the Eee Stick is suitable for sports games, games where you have to sight (FPS) and games where you have run to the sides such as aircraft or racing games. This somehow corresponds to all the popular games from Wii and uses all types of movements that the Eee Stick can detect, so it’s probably not too far off.

With the 2 batteries to use on Eee Stick you can play on your Eee PC for 72 hours. Eee Stick comes with RF dongle that should be plugged into the Eee PC, Bluetooth would have been a better choice in my opinion, but obviously it’s not something you need to have connected to the PC all the time. And RF (Radio Frequency) has at least a much better range and stability than the IR (infrared).

Asus “admits” that besides the Eee stick is more suited to the Eee PC than any other computers – the important thing is that the games are designed for it.  So there’s probably more talk about Asus has seen a chance to take a bite of Nintendo’s Wii’s market and just used their new Strong Eee to shopot on it’s operation.


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