More Asus PC models

So Asus is once again on the track with a handfull Eee Pc models.

Flere Asus Eee PC modeller asus eee xp 2 260x350

It is uknown if they should come to the Asian Market.

There’s not much under the sun – it is Eee Pc’s with 9 inch screen, 1 GB RAM or either 16-16 GB SSD or 80GB HDD..the new 4 models will have win XP. The model names will be Asus Eee PC 1000HD XP, 904HD XP, 900 XP (16G) og 901 XP.

Asus Eee PC 904’s is the only model number which hasn’t been used before – but it could be on it’s way.

It looks like a picture has slipped aout from Asus machines, it shows new creation on the front colors. The last previous model names is for any reason included in the news, but it’s not exactly news, it means that the model names have not been with XP eventhough Asus Eee 900 could have XP installed, as far as I know. WTF!!! If it really is a new model name, it must come with different colors – but then it won’t be the sharpest teeth in the sea. Asus has made up the name Eee model names…and there more Asus Eee Pc to come, eventually they can’t find out which is which.

Read for yourself about the latest Asus Eee PC’s with SlashGEar

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