Eee PC hardware

Aldi sells Eee PC clone

From next Wednesday Aldi has an Eee PC clone of Medion Brand on sale for Dkk 3.000. Everything looks promising. Specs recalls clearly more than the MSI Wind Asus Eee PC 900  , since there is a bigger screen, HD and RAM than the Eee PC’s on the market here at home. The machine comes […]

Asus Launches Eee Stick: Wii games for Eee PC

Asustek alunches an external wireless controller that will be sold in sets of supported games with selected models of the Eee Box or ultra- portable Eee PC, just as the wireless controller for Nintendo’s Wii, Asus Eee Stick as a “Motion Detector”, it means that you just don’t  get to press buttons to be registered, […]

Danish Review on Asus Eee PC 1000H

I stumble over a Danish review of the Asus Eee PC 1000H – which is the “biggest” Asus Eee PC in any many ways right now. The opinions regarding the Eee PC 1000H – not because of the specifications, which are excellent, but because the machine is after a while getting heavier and bigger (10 […]

Acer Aspire One will be sold in the middle of September

So there’s news about the Danish will launch Acer’s clone of the competitor’s Asus Eee PC : Acer’s model is called the Acer Aspire One, and although I haven’t run into the official launching date from Acer, everything indicates that the Acer One will come to the market in mid- September. Otherwise Fona has a […]

Perfect browsing experience with Eee PC 700’s mini screen?

Expert- chains are on its way with Asus Eee PC 701 – which was the first Eee Pc on the market. It is smaller and cheaper but of course it is more stripped. The screen to be exact: the original Asus Eee PC was only 7 “display with 800 Pixels width. Most website today is […]

Eee Online Storage is a good resource (?)

Yes, the cryptic title refers to,that Asus’ online storage solution for the Eee PC and Eee Box is launched, and everything indicates that it is a great resource for all Eee owners. Partly the solution will be very reasonable, having reportedly will be a solution where the Eee Storage appears as a drive with the […]

More Asus PC models

So Asus is once again on the track with a handfull Eee Pc models. It is uknown if they should come to the Asian Market. There’s not much under the sun – it is Eee Pc’s with 9 inch screen, 1 GB RAM or either 16-16 GB SSD or 80GB HDD..the new 4 models will […]

Dell coming up with the Eee PC clone: Dell E

Dell has (like all the other PC manufacturers) plans to take a bite of Asus Eee PC/ netbook market. Their bid is Dell E. I won’t even comment, but I quote from Engadget “Eeenteresting” for the name choice. The Specifications are as good as (and after a while much boring) as all the other netbooks- […]

Link: UMPC in sunlight …

I fell over this comparison of UMPC’s in sunlight. Unfortunately, the Asus Eee PC, MSI Wind and Acer is not one of them – so it’s not that interesting. But are you in a purchasing thoughts on UMPC market and want something stronger than our dear, small netbooks, it might be interesting for you then […]

Intel demonstrates UrbanMax

UrbanMax is as far as I can resolve myself on a conceptual base, Intel’s bid for a future laptop that can go into production now. There is a talk about a form of a tabletPC with 11” screen 1366 x 768 pixels, Core 2 duo Centrino2 CPU, Windows Vista preinstalled and a sliding keyboard, so […]